Highlighting the Hips and Knees

The Stepwise Cane™ is an innovative new walking aid that can be used to help those with hip and knee injuries, as well as those dealing with post-op recovery and rehab for both. Its unique design offers numerous benefits over traditional flat-bottom walking canes, including improved balance and stability, as well as increased comfort and support.

In our body series we will be highlighting parts of the body that we believe Stepwise Cane™ will facilitate recovery with. With its wide range of benefits, the Stepwise Cane™ can be an invaluable walking aid for those suffering from hip and knee injuries, degenerative joint disease such as arthritis and post-op recovery such as those who require surgery for a total hip or knee replacement or a ligamentous injury such as a meniscal or ACL tear. We will discuss the advantages of the Stepwise Cane™ and how it can be used to help individuals with some of the aforementioned hip and knee issues.

Recovery for the Hips
The goal of orthopedic hip surgery is to improve a patient’s quality of life by reducing their pain and discomfort with any weight-bearing activity, such as walking or going up and down stairs. This is accomplished by improving the structural integrity of the hip joint, thus improving one’s active range of motion and strength.

Using a cane in these instances can help with balance, improve support, and offload the weight put on the repaired hip. In instances of hip surgery recovery, Stepwise Cane™ offers a wide range of benefits.

The Stepwise Cane™ works to decrease pressure through one’s hand, wrist and shoulder while it is being used. This can decrease any upper extremity pain and discomfort one may feel when walking with other canes, especially those with typical flat-bottom tips, or other popular canes with tripod or quadpod bases. It’s one less thing one must worry about after hip surgery when walking with Stepwise. Walking with the Stepwise allows the user to be comfortable with ambulation, which is important after hip surgery.

Recovery for the Knees
Knee surgery is often necessary for a variety of reasons, which can include a total knee replacement secondary to osteoarthritis, cartilage damage such as a meniscal tear, or a ligamentous injury such as an ACL tear. No matter the reason, surgery can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Fortunately, the Stepwise Cane™ is a tool that can help you in your recovery journey.

The Stepwise Cane™ helps users with knee surgery recovery by providing extra stability while walking and getting around. It also helps take pressure off your knee joint while you move. Additionally, its unique design allows users to take fluid steps without adding any unneeded pressure on the joint, which requires proper posture and form while walking. These points may lead to better balance and a more successful recovery.

Go with the Stepwise Cane™
One of the Stepwise Cane’s unique features that sets it apart from other assistive devices is its base. Instead of a small flat rubber tip or ever popular tripod base, the Stepwise Cane™ features a rounded bottom that stays in full contact with the ground when you walk. This ergonomic advantage allows patients to be independent and mobile in a much easier-to-handle way. No worry about having to put Stepwise flat each time for safety. You’re safe the whole time!

The Stepwise Cane™ also brings a moisture wicking tread on its base to ensure an extra layer of safety when surfaces may unexpectedly contain some moisture. It also allows fluidity of movement because of its rounded tire like base. The Stepwise Cane™ works with you, not against you.

At Stepwise Cane™, we aim to keep patients safe, autonomous, and as pain free as possible in their recovery and everyday life!

*The information contained within this blog is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health or a medical condition, please consult with a qualified physician or other healthcare professional.