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The Smarter Way to Walk...Even on Stairs!

Stepwise Cane™ is an innovative walking cane designed for optimal balance, stability, and movement in any environment. Its circular design offers a versatile angle of impact, while the natural multi-directional shape provides ease and stability when walking. The cane ensures perfect placement with every step for maximum support and stability.


Stepwise Cane™ assists individuals of all abilities in walking across diverse terrains. Its circular design ensures that the base is always in contact with the ground, providing consistent balance and stability. The cane's constant grip eliminates slippage and "give," making walking more comfortable and effortless.



For those ranging in heights of  4’10” to 6’3”.


The Stepwise Cane™ unique tread pattern wicks away moisture and precipitation for enhanced traction and stability.


The Stepwise Cane™ provides a safe amount of give when you step, reducing strain on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. This is because all the force is absorbed at the bottom, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

Patented Technology for Safer Walking

The Stepwise Caneā„¢ employs patented technology developed through six years of testing and design iteration. The patented Stepwise Cane is not licensed to any other company. Stepwisecane.com is the only place to get and enjoy the safety and durability of this unique innovation.

Stepwise Cane with Ovals
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    Exceptional Adhesive:

    The multi-patented cane base is mechanically situated and adhered to the shaft using a medical-grade epoxy.

  • 2

    Bonded Tread:

    The tread of the cane is chemically bonded to the core.

  • 3

    Tread Design:

    The tread pattern is designed to wick away moisture and precipitation.

  • 4

    Circular Strength:

    When the cane is fully compressed it syncs together to form a flexible, but durable circular structure.

The Stepwise Cane™ is changing mobility for better!

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