“Stepwise is by far the best cane I have ever used—it is forgiving and supportive. My ability to walk smoother and faster has improved significantly with it.” Tristan H., 34

“Stepwise is a great innovation! It is completely slip resistant. It gives the user a strong proprioceptive response as it absorbs shock, reducing stress and strain on the wrist and hand.” Stephen, 73

“Stepwise is great on all surfaces beyond typical floors, sidewalks, and pavement. It doesn’t sink into sand, gravel, pebbles, dirt, bark, or wood chips.” Scott, 72

“Great cane. I had a hip replacement six years ago and use the traditional straight cane. Last year I had a knee replacement and use the Stepwise Cane. What a difference! I had no idea there could be such an improvement. Much more stable, and cushioning! The old cane had no cushioning. Highly recommended!!!” Jeff H., 62

"The Stepwise Cane is fantastic! I am new to cane use and this was so easy to use. It has more of a rocking motion that makes me feel like it’s more of a natural way to walk.” Christine M., 55

"I am writing this on behalf of my 91-year-old mom and 62-year-old brother-in-law. Both are so happy with their Stepwise Cane.  My brother-in-law post-surgery needed a cane. He found this cane to be more comfortable than others and easier to manage. My mom saw him using it and tried it.  She was amazed on how comfortable it was. In addition, she was having shoulder pain from the impact of her old cane.  Once she started using the Stepwise Cane her shoulder pain went away." Angela P.,  61

"The most outstanding feature of this cane is the unique tip or ferrule.  While every other cane that I have seen has a tip that you touch down as you walk, the Stepwise cane has a rounded bottom with ridges. There is no more tapping the cane as you walk.  The rounded bottom of the cane moves with you as you walk.  Instead of feeling secure for the moment your cane touches down, you feel secure as the cane rolls along with you. I can only imagine how secure the ridged ferrule will feel when there is snow or ice on the ground. The Stepwise Cane is a great product and I will be continuing to use it." Jean L.,  72

"I found the Stepwise Cane very sturdy while walking. I use it for long distance, and it's helped me out immensely. I would highly recommend it for anyone." David H., 76