Is the Stepwise Cane easy to use?

Yes. It’s as easy as any other cane, if not easier.

How much does the Stepwise Cane weigh?

The Stepwise Cane weighs a mere 12 ounces.

Is the Stepwise Cane registered with the FDA?

Yes. It is an FDA Registered Class I medical device.

How much weight can the Stepwise Cane hold?

The Stepwise Cane is designed for a maximum user weight of 250 pounds.

Can I replace the base on my Stepwise Cane?

The base cannot be removed or replaced. However, should you have any issues with wear and tear, please reach out to us at Remember to use the Stepwise Cane only as directed.

Where is the Stepwise Cane made?

The Stepwise Cane is assembled in the United States with domestic and foreign parts. The multi-patented Stepwise Cane base is manufactured in the United States. The Stepwise Cane offset handle cane is imported from China.

What is the Stepwise Cane made out of?

The cane shaft is made of durable aluminum, the proprietary base is made from a proprietary substrate material with a very strong bonded rubber tread.

Where can I buy a Stepwise Cane?

Right here on our website. BUY NOW

Are there height limitations for the Stepwise Cane?

The Stepwise Cane works for a vast majority of people who use canes. The height parameters for a Stepwise Cane user are a minimum height of 4’ 10” and a maximum height of 6’ 3”.

Is there anything that needs to be replaced on the Stepwise Cane?

No. If you use the Stepwise Cane properly there should be minimal wear and tear over time.

What colors does the Stepwise Cane™ come in?

Black, for now. We are looking to expand to blue, purple and red soon!

Do I need a prescription to purchase the Stepwise Cane?

No. There is no prescription needed to purchase a Stepwise Cane.

Do I need health insurance in order to purchase a Stepwise Cane?

No. There is no health insurance requirement to purchase a Stepwise Cane.

Should I use my Stepwise Cane to stand up?

No. Physical therapists and other healthcare professionals strongly discourage using an assistive device to stand up. When possible, one should always push up from the stable base on which they are seated (examples: arm or seat of the chair, edge of bed, etc.).